Desk research​
We have a special multidisciplinary team that integrates all strategic information onto comprehensive and easy-to-read reports, using internet research, data mining and market intelligence, competition analysis, gnosis program, as well as price research and legal regulations.
Healthcare research
The fieldwork area works with healthcare specialists who have medical studies and laboral experience in the industry, with perfect understanding and management of medical language and are perfect fit interviewers for qualified respondents in this area of research. We cover all segments: physicians of all specialties, patients, caregivers, nurses, healthcare institution directors and managers, opinion leaders in the industry.
Scientific review validation
This type of research targets the review of manuals/instructives/papers and documents anykind regarding medical commercial material. It is reviewed by a specialist on the special topic of documents. The object of this language review is to ensure that the wording is understandable and acceptable and that the correct terms and expressions used are suitable for the context of the country and language.
Public opinion & public affairs
This area is commanded and
 counts on the overall supervision of Manuel Mora y Araujo, recognized expert in political consultancy, public opinion agenda and social topics.
Real estate research​
We have worked for several developers and construction companies in the analysis of masterplans and concrete real estate projects along the main cities of Argentina, applying special design focus workshops, online research and analysis of competitive proyects.
In partnership with ICASA – Agricultural Market Research – we conduct projects for the agrochemical and vet industry, media and financial institutions that operate in this particular area. With specific methodology and specialized staff under the direction of agricultural engineers.

We offer full-Service Research from study design, survey programming, fieldwork, data coding and processing to reporting of results; as well as Phase Services, covering partial stages of research process.


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